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Aside from the fact that our class of radio station is mandated to follow all FCC rules regarding promotional blasts, we are big believers in our 'no-hype' commercial policy. Commercials can sound like 'spam' in today's age, even limiting their creativity and effectiveness for the advertiser. As such, instead of allowing commercials, all sponsors will be branded next to programming elements our audience already has grown to love. Music hours, news, weather, etc. Sponsorship eliminates the loud four minute commercial break on WEZG. We think it sounds better and our listeners are telling us the same thing. More music and less hype sounds like a good thing to us.

Soundtrack Of Your Workday

Back to back favorite & less commercials... every day!

Office radios all over Greenville County are finding their way to the new Abigail Radio 101.5. Why? Our music is blended especially for a smoother workday, playing the biggest hits from the 70s, 80s, 90s & 00s and lots of songs you may have forgotten. We live here too, we have created a radio station that is perfect for your Carolina workday. How do we know that?

Abigail Fun & Facts

  • 400,000+ FM Radios Can Tune In Abigail Radio first broadcast at 101.5 FM on July 2, 2014. Greenville based Quality Radio Partners launched WEZG-LP, Greenville from the direct center of population with 61 watts; at 120 feet, it's enough to reach nearly a half million potential listeners. With a soft rock format, Abigail Radio targets Greenville County office listeners, commuters and anyone who loves a continuous mix of music, with very minimal, low key branding messages. We don't allow commercials, we only offer our sponsors sponsorships & branding messages. Our listeners think it makes a big difference... and so do we. more>>

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Abigail's Words of Wisdom

"If you can't pick up Abigail Radio 101.5 at your house, it's time to buy a new house."

- Abigail

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